In the sprawling landscapes of Riverside, Newman’s Pest Control has become synonymous with trust and reliability. Our capabilities extend beyond just extermination; we believe in creating a harmonious balance with nature.

Apartment buildings, especially those in the bustling city area, can often be a magnet for pests. From ants millipedes to bark beetles, our comprehensive treatments ensure a holistic approach. Our appointment windows are flexible, ensuring timely interventions that fit into the busy schedules of our clients.

Retail stores and food warehouses in the region have a reputation to uphold. A single pest sighting can lead to repercussions, from damaged goods to loss of customer trust. Our contractor-grade treatments, combined with regular inspections, ensure that these establishments remain pristine.

For homeowners in areas like Bermuda Dunes, the threat of pests is ever-present. Our home pest control plan is comprehensive, addressing both preventive and curative measures. From bed bug treatments to rodent baits, our services are all-encompassing.

Educational institutions, from schools to colleges, are spaces of growth and learning. The last thing students should worry about is pests. Our treatments, from insect control to rodent exclusion, ensure a safe environment for education.

Government properties, from municipal buildings to public parks, require a delicate touch. Our team, trained in compliance and sanitation practices, ensures that these spaces meet the highest standards. From municipal offices to public parks, our presence ensures a pest-free environment.

The serene landscapes of Palm Springs Homes are a testament to the region’s beauty. However, these homes are not immune to pests. Our desert climate-specific treatments ensure that homes remain safe, irrespective of the season.

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