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Why Choose Newman Termite Control:

When it comes to termite infestation problems in Cathedral City, there’s no better choice than Newman Termite & Pest Control. With a proven track record of excellence, we have established our local family-owned company as the go-to solution for all pest-related issues in the area. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that possess an in-depth understanding of local termite behaviors, allowing efficient and effective solutions to termite infestations. We take pride in our customer-centric approach, ensuring that each client receives personalized and tailored solutions to suit their specific needs. When it comes to safeguarding homes and businesses from termite damage, Newman Termite & Pest Control’s reputation and expertise make them the most reliable and trustworthy choice in Cathedral City.

Why Choose Newman for Your Termite Control Needs:

Local Termite Treatment

We specialize in real estate termite inspections, termite treatments for Houses, industrial buildings, condominiums, apartment complexes, mobile homes, manufactured homes, and all different types of commercial buildings. We provide many different types of options for subterranean, drywood, and dampwood termites. The services we offer are the most effective services on the market for fumigation, local treatments, subterranean trench, treat or drill method, ground baiting programs. If you have a termite infestation please give us a call today to schedule your FREE termite inspection.

Different Types of Termites

There are three main types of termites that you need to worry about: Dampwood Termites, Subterranean Termites, and Drywood Termites. They are all equally destructive and may require specific strategies, so it helps to know beforehand which type is plaguing your property.


Among the various types commonly discovered in Cathedral City, subterranean termites stand out for their distinct behavior. Unlike their counterparts, these termites establish their colonies underground, in close proximity to their primary food source. Wooden structures that come into direct contact with the ground, such as fences, particularly pique their interest. They have a particular affinity for fence posts embedded in the soil rather than concrete structures, and even woodpiles in backyard areas serve as appealing targets for these voracious pests. It is essential to remain vigilant against such infestations, and seeking professional assistance from experts like Newman Termite & Pest Control can help ensure the safeguarding of homes and properties from potential damage.


This particular species of termite exhibits a preference for hardwood and thrives in dry environments. Cathedral City serves as a common habitat for these termites, where they might establish multiple colonies within a single household. Caution is advised, especially during yard sales when you come across alluring wooden furniture items like dressers, headboards, or dining room tables. Unbeknownst to you, you could unknowingly be acquiring a Trojan horse equivalent in the termite world. Transporting such furniture into your home might lead to an inadvertent infestation, posing a significant threat to your property. To avoid such troubles, seeking the expertise of Newman Termite & Pest Control is highly recommended to address and eliminate any potential termite issues effectively.


Cathedral City’s climate, being dry and hot, doesn’t make it a prevalent habitat for the dampwood termite, although occurrences can still be found. Areas with standing water or damp conditions are more likely to attract them. Chronic leaky faucets or water features like ponds, which are common in the Cathedral City region, act as enticing lures for these termites. If your home’s foundation has wood in contact with the soil or extends over water, it becomes an open invitation to the dampwood termite. Indicators of their presence include the presence of tiny fecal pellets in piles around the affected areas. To address and mitigate such potential issues, seeking professional assistance from experts like Newman Termite & Pest Control is vital in safeguarding your property from dampwood termite infestations.

About Termites

Termites, often dubbed as “silent architects,” are remarkable insects with a history spanning millions of years. While they play a crucial role in ecosystems by recycling dead plant material, their voracious appetite for wood poses a significant threat to human structures. Belonging to the order Isoptera, termites live in massive colonies, with workers, soldiers, and reproductives carrying out specialized tasks.

One of the most troubling aspects of termites is their ability to digest cellulose, found in wood, thanks to symbiotic microorganisms in their gut. This adaptation allows them to thrive where wood is abundant, making our homes and structures susceptible to their relentless attacks.

Despite their ecological importance, when termites target human habitats, they become formidable adversaries. The silent and elusive nature of their invasion often leads to extensive damage before detection. Wooden structures, furniture, and even important documents can fall victim to these destructive pests.

To protect your property from termite infestations, proactive measures are essential. Regular inspections by professional pest control services can identify early signs of infestation and prevent costly damage. Homeowners can also take preventive steps such as reducing wood-to-soil contact, ensuring proper drainage, and sealing foundation cracks and crevices.

At Newman Termite & Pest Control, we understand the havoc termites can wreak on your property. Our expert team is dedicated to providing effective termite solutions, safeguarding your home from their relentless appetite for wood. Don’t let these troublesome pests compromise the integrity of your property; contact us today for a comprehensive termite inspection and tailored treatment plan.

Termite Inspection & Treatment

To ensure a termite-free home swiftly, arrange for an inspection with Newman Termite & Pest Control in Cathedral City. Their team of experts will skillfully assess your property, promptly identifying any potential infestation concerns. Based on their findings, homeowners will receive professional advice on the most suitable course of action, with a diverse array of treatment options tailored to each unique scenario. Count on Newman Termite & Pest Control to deliver effective solutions that will help protect your home from termites and provide you with peace of mind.

What Our Clients Say

Chris T.
Chris T.
Los Angeles, CA
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"Very Professional. Newman pest controls services are effective. I had all the typical bugs we usually get such as: crickets, black widows, ants, and some palmetto bugs. I get these pests every year but this year has been the worst compared to all the years I've been out here in the desert. I called Newman Pest control and Erik the owner personally came out to service my home. He did an amazing job for a good price and was honest about all my pest concerns. I decided to do a bi-monthly service to keep all the pests under control. I highly recommend using Newman you will be satisfied."
Kenny P.
Kenny P.
Mountain View, CA
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"I've had a very good experience with Newman. They helped us manage a rodent problem in our second home in Palm Springs, even taking care of things while we aren't there. Professional and reasonably-priced. Communication has been consistently good."
Jerry A.
Jerry A.
Palm Springs, CA
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"Great company I called this gentleman out regarding some mice I was having in my backyard not only did he call me back promptly he arrived on time called me 10 minutes prior to arrival to let me know he was 10 minutes out installed all the traps explain everything to me thoroughly and then went about his job doing His job and now with their expert advice I have finally taking control back of my back yard no more mice no more rodents living back their hes a great guy and a great company I highly recommend them"
Elise P.
Elise P.
Palm Springs, CA
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"I can't say enough great stuff about Newman Pest Control and would rate them best in the valley! I recently moved but Erik was my guy for about 2 years. Honest, professional, punctual, knowledgable, courteous, and affordable. He also has great communication with his customers. He would call me if he were even going to be a few minutes late and was considerate of the fact that I have pets I dearly love and he cared to keep them safe as much as I did. Highly recommend!"
Alexis C.
Alexis C.
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"Hey Yelp!ers Erik is not only an honest and reliable person but he is professional and gives outstanding service. He has been my pest control provider for 2 1/2 years and I have not seen one black widow nor had any type of pest control problem. He is very trustworthy and I would highly recommend him."
Karon E.
Karon E.
La Quinta, CA
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"We have used Newman Termite and Pest Control for the past thee years and have been very happy with their service and promptness. We are in the process of leaving the Coachella Valley and have told our buyers they should hire Newman! I had them spray the outside once a month and in the time we have lived here I have never seen a bug inside!!! "Arturo" was awesome."
Joel I.
Joel I.
Cathedral City, CA
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"Had some bed bugs problem in a house I just took over. Called up different companies. Erik had the most reasonable price and came out the next day to spray as I was expecting visitors for the weekend and I didn't want them sleeping with bed bugs yukk.... Erik said it would take at least a month for the bed bugs to be cleared but after the one spray it seems like it did the job. Thanks so much Erik for helping me in a pinch. Will definitely call again if need be"

Prevention Measures for Termite Control

Prevention is the key to effective control. By implementing the following measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of infestation and safeguard your property.

1. Moisture Control

Termites thrive in damp environments, making moisture control essential in prevention. Here are some tips to keep moisture levels low:

  • Ensure proper drainage around the foundation, diverting water away from the structure.
  • Repair any leaks in plumbing or faulty gutters promptly.
  • Ventilate crawl spaces and attics to reduce humidity levels.

2. Resistant Construction

When building or renovating, incorporating resistant construction techniques can provide long-term protection against infestations. Consider the following measures:

Use resistant materials such as concrete, steel, or pressure-treated wood for foundations and structural components.
Install physical barriers, like stainless steel mesh, during construction to prevent from entry through cracks or gaps.

3. Regular Inspections

Regular inspections by professional pest control experts are crucial for early detection and prevention. They can identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate actions. It is advisable to schedule inspections at least once a year.

Control Methods

Despite the preventive measures in place, they can still find their way into your property. Swift action is necessary to eliminate existing infestations and prevent further damage. Here are some effective termite control methods:

1. Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments, such as termiticides, are commonly used for elimination. These treatments create a barrier around the structure or directly target colonies. Professional application is recommended to ensure safe and effective results.

2. Baiting Systems

Baiting systems work by enticing them to feed on a toxic substance, which they then carry back to their colonies, effectively eliminating the entire colony. These systems are strategically placed around the property and require professional monitoring and maintenance.

3. Wood Treatments

Wood treatments involve applying preservatives or borate-based solutions to susceptible wood surfaces. These treatments make the wood unattractive and toxic to termites, providing long-term protection against infestations.

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